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Hi! I’m Emlen. Host and Creator of the Minority Money Podcast. 

I’m here to show you through my own experiences, and the experiences of our guests, how you can be part of the movement to change the complexion of wealth

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You are frustrated with the discrepancies of the financial status among Americans and know that somehow it can all change. This podcast was born with that same belief.

 Currently, for every $100 a white family has a black family has $5. The numbers for other minority groups are just as staggering. Let’s do something about that together. 

Being a minority myself and with a personal background that checks all the boxes for living a substandard financial life, I turned things around. I know our audience can too (if you haven’t already!)

Changing the complexion of wealth is about educating the public around finances, personal health, wealth, and fitness. 

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I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast . I’ve bee listening since May 2020 and I have learned so much about money and finance, personal habits, health, generational issues relating to money, etc. There is something for everyone here.

Dnc4lyf via Apple Podcasts

Favorite new podcast discovery

I loved the We Need to Talk series and Emlen’s mission to change the complexion of wealth and now I’m listening to the earlier episodes. I’m a fellow financial planner and a new member of the Minority Money fan club—great work and great shows!

mckwhite via Apple Podcasts

Making A Difference In The Lives of Minorities

“Minority Money Podcast consistently puts out quality production and episodes that add value to the lives of minorities living in the U.S. Great host, guests, and content!”

Calilimexica via Apple Podcasts

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