Creating wealth for yourself is possible and it’s something that you deserve. But how can you save up and create the life that you yearn for if you have $1M in debt?

In this episode, nurse, mom and the face of Personal Finance for Nurses, Naseema McElroy joins us to talk about how she got into debt and how she managed to get out of it. She is the brains behind Financially Intentional, a blog focused on personal finance and provides guides on how to live your life intentionally.

Before turning her mindset around, Naseema had a six-figure income and yet still struggles with money. Can you believe that?! It is only until she decided to shift her mindset that her wealth started to build up.

Find out how Naseema created the wealth that she has today as she shares practical tips that helped her become more intentional financially!


  • How Nasheema paid off $1M of debt
  • Learning how to invest
  • How Financially Intentional started 
  • Habit 101: Start where you are
  • Be – Do – Have Mentality
  • Budgeting vs. Tracking: What’s the difference?
  • What happens when you are in control of your finances?
  • 2 actionable things you can do to be financially intentional
  • Side hustles & monetizing your skills
  • What motivates Naseema to keep on learning and growing
  • Naseema’s advice for Minority Podcast listeners

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