Buying a home is often referred to as the “American Dream”. It’s one of the major financial decisions you’ll ever make in your life. You surely don’t want to overspend in buying a new home, that’s why it’s important for you to educate yourself first before actually buying one.

Joining me in this episode are mortgage experts,  Myra Alvarez and Jose Sahagun to answer questions related to purchasing a home. In this episode, we discuss the things that you need to know and consider when buying a new house.

Whether it’s your first time buying a house or not, Myra and Jose will help you take that first step towards reaching your dream home!


  • Why people should be looking to buy a home
  • What does owning a home mean for a family
  • The benefits of homeownership
  • Steps that you should take when you’re planning to purchase a home
  • What motivates Myra and Jose to learn and grow

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