There’s a greater need than ever to have more diversity and representation in the financial world. In financial planning, there are often barriers that people of color face when it comes to wealth building. With the vast knowledge we have today, it’s time to help minorities achieve a life of stability that they deserve.

Join me in this episode as I sit with Dr. Ajamu Loving, Ph.D., CF,  to talk about financial planning for people and families of color. As the first black Ph.D. recipient for Financial Planning in the profession, Dr. Loving has dedicated his life to making financial planning.



>> Financial planning for people of color

>> The economic difference between black and white wealth

>> How to impact Black people’s lives in a positive way that helps them financially

>> Why people are more important than things

>> Maintaining and experiencing professional success


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>> Black Wealth / White Wealth: A New Perspective on Racial Inequality


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