Values and principles are just as important as the investment decisions that you make. Where your money goes, matters.

How we use our money is a reflection of our values. Are your investments aligned with your values? 

Start making a difference through your investments as Sustainable Finance Expert, Mona Naqvi joins us to talk about ESG investing, eco currency and how you can align your investments with your values!

Mona is also the senior product manager for environmental, social and governance (ESG) indices at S&P Dow Jones Indices. She serves as a global spokesperson for S&P DJI’s ESG Indices, educating people on the values of ESF investing and industry lading ESG lineups.

Listen on and find out what you need to do so your money is in alignment with your principles!



>> What is Eco currency

>> What is ESG investing a

>> S&P 500 vs S&P 500 ESG

>> How to align your investments with your values


Connect with Mona Naqvi

>> Instagram @theclimatewarrior 

>> Twitter @mona_naqvi_ 

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