There are unexpected things and circumstances that are out of our control – illnesses, accidents, and death – these are some of the reasons why we need to have life insurance. Whether you’re single or married, it’s an essential part of life and financial planning. If you’re covered by insurance, your debts will not be a burden to the ones you will leave behind.

I cannot overstate the value of life insurance in the event when you or one of your loved ones pass away. And this episode is all about life insurance! I’m going to help you understand the importance of having a life insurance policy as I share my personal experience with it.

Start making the right choice now! Find out who should get life insurance and why you need to consider getting one. You’ll also learn about the different types of insurance and what to do with term policies!


>> My personal experience with life insurance

>> What is a life insurance & why you should consider getting a life insurance

>> Types of insurance

>> How much life insurance do you need

>> What you need to do about the term policies


>> Life Happens

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