One of the best things you can do for yourself and your family is maintaining your health and well-being. But how do you stay on top of your health when there’s a pandemic going around?

Join me in this episode, as we meet the youngest African-American Osteopathic Physician, Ashley Roxanne Peterson, DO to talk about minority health, preventive medicine, and COVID-19. She is the host of the Real Medicine with Doctor Rox podcast where she talks about topics that no one normally talks about in the field of medicine.

In this conversation, Dr. Rox shares how she graduated high school at 15 and became an Osteopathic Physician at 24. Learn how you can stay resilient as Dr. Rox also shares her struggles and how she overcame it!

Plus, she also talks about the common myths related to coronavirus and how you can stay physically and mentally healthy in the midst of this crisis!


>> What is Osteopathic medicine all about

>> Dr. Rox journey on how she became a DO at a young age and what got her interested in osteopathic medicine

>> How Dr. Rox graduated high school at 15 years old

>> Dr. Rox’s thoughts on COVID-19

>> Busting common myths about coronavirus

>> Can you get coronavirus twice?

>> The beauty of preventive medicine

>> Resilience and support systems


>> Real Medicine with Doctor Rox Podcast

>> Dr. Ashley Roxanne – personal website

>> Dr. Rox Social Media

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