Do you want to meet your financial goals or maybe you have a business that you’ve been wanting to launch but don’t know how and where to begin?

Get a step closer to meeting your financial goals today by listening to this episode with Angela Moore! She was a former guest from WNTT 2 where she shares her experiences along with other black female advisors.

Today, Angela joins us to talk about entrepreneurship, following your passion and creating an action plan and become financially savvy so that you can take charge of your life and finances!

Angela Moore is a Certified Financial Planner and the founder of Modern Money Advisor, LLC, a private financial planning, education and media company that provides personal and business financial education to people and media outlets through boot-camps, books, seminars and educational products all over the world.

If you want to follow your passion and grow your wealth, make sure you listen to this episode as Angela shares her knowledge and expertise!


>> How Modern Money started

>> How Angela dealt with her past money failures

>> Why do people make a budget but won’t follow through it?

>> The Behavioral Finance Mindset

>> How Angela shiftern her mindset and made it her way of life

>> Incorporating financial responsibility into your day to day life

>> Steps you should take note of when you’re planning to start a business

>> How building multiple streams of income can help your business

>> The importance of knowing what you really want and where you want to be

>> What is a ‘serial entrepreneur’?

>> The best investment with the largest amount interest you can make


>> Connect with Angela


Twitter @ModernMoney305

Instagram @modernmoneyadvisor


>> Modern Money Advisor

>> Modern Money Education

>> We Need To Talk 2

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