Success means different things for different people. But one thing is for sure, people who achieve success, share the same feeling of pressure.

How do you handle the pressure that comes with achieving your goals? How would you conduct yourself after you achieved the level of success of the people you admire?

Find out what success feels like and what to do next once you’ve scored the goal, as my good friend, Dasarte Yarnway joins me in this episode! Dasarte Yarnway is the host of the Young Money Podcast, Founder of Berknell Financial Group, and author of 3 books!

He joined the podcast in episode 2 and We Need to Talk series episode 1. And today’s conversation is a treat! Dasarte and I will talk about what’s going on in the financial industry, thoughts on pressure and success, competition and collaboration, and the current coronavirus situation in the US.

You don’t want to miss this episode as we both share practical and timely advice that will equip you for success and become the best you!


>> COVID parties and others talks on the current COVID 19 situation in the US

>> How Dasarte continues to perform at his top game

>> What the feeling of success entails for Dasarte

>> The pressure that success carries

>> Taking the limitations off of yourself

>> What it means to design your ideal life

>> How would you conduct yourself after you’ve achieved a certain level of success

>> How to duplicate ourselves and give others the resources they need to fight their battles

>> Why collaboration is more important than competition

>> Becoming your best self every day and making it happen!


>> Check out Dasarte’s books 👉 here!

>> Young Money Podcast with Dasarte Yarnway

>> Netflix’s Contagion

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>> Twitter @DasarteYarnway

>> Instagram @dasarteyarnway

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