Everyone has to make decisions every single day on how to handle and where to spend their money.

Too often, many people struggle financially not because they don’t bring enough money in, but simply because they’re not spending their money wisely and lack the basic understanding of how money works.

But when you’re financially savvy and “disciplined”, you’d be surprised at how easily you’d be able to reach your financial goals!

Start spending your hard-earned money wisely today as Former NFL player, Ryan Harris, talks about financial literacy, mindset, football, and building wealth!

You may know him as the Super Bowl Champion from the Denver Broncos, but Ryan Harris is more than that. He is a public speaker and the author of Mindset for Mastery: An NFL Champion’s Guide to Reaching Your Greatness, where he offers insights, inspiration, and practical tools to help you overcome your uncertainties and accomplish your goals!

In this episode, Ryan shares his NFL journey, why many NFL players go bankrupt after retirement, proper money management, and how he became financially literate. Ryan also highlights the importance of having the right mindset when it comes to spending and saving to achieve financial stability.

If you’ve been having a hard time managing your money and your spending habits, then this episode will inspire and motivate you to make it right!


>> Ryan talks about his mindset beliefs

>> How Ryan overcame 9 surgeries

>> Rebuilding your courage as much as you rebuild your body

>> Why financial literacy is extremely important especially for minorities

>> Why a lot of NFL players go bankrupt

>> Understanding how your cash flows work

>> How being financially literate gave Ryan more opportunity

>> Delayed gratification: Why you should delay your purchases 3 months to 3 years

>> It’s okay to when you can’t afford it

>> Leading by Example vs. Leading with Example

>> Ryan’s NFL and football playing experience

>> Empowering your children

>> The difference between price and cost


>> RH: Ryan Harris

>> Five Things NFL Players Go Broke On

>> Mindset for Mastery: An NFL Champion’s Guide to Reaching Your Greatness by Ryan Harris

>>Monday Night Football – Radio Broadcasts (97.3 ESPN)

>> Notre Dame FB

Connect with Ryan:

>> Twitter @salaams_from_68

>> Instagram @ryanharris_68

>> Facebook

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