Failing to plan is planning to fail. There’s no better time to plan your finances than now that you’re learning about it!

When you’ve created a financial plan, it’ll be easier for you to make decisions financially and of course meet whatever goals you have.

Though some people decide to do it on their own, you may want to seek out the help of a financial professional to help you stay on track, secure your financial wellbeing, and reach financial planning success!

In this episode, I’m going to deep dive into what financial planning is, why it’s personal, and why it’s very important. I’m also going to touch on the differences between financial planning and investments, and why I made the transition from commission-based, to fee-based, and finally a fee-only financial advisor!


>> What is financial planning?

>> The 7 Steps of Financial Planning

>> The personal side of financial planning

>> Investments and financial planning are 2 different things, here’s why!

>> The reason why I made the shift to fee-only advisors

>> The difference between, commission-based, fee-based, and fee-only financial advisors

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