Imagine yourself waking up tomorrow morning with more money in your bank account than what you usually need? What would you do with it?

There may be tons of options running in your head right now on where you’ll allocate your unlimited funds but how will you manage it in a way that’ll help you live out your dreams?

Find out how as Scott Frank, a CFA and a Certified Financial Planner who focuses on financial life planning, joins us in this episode!

Scott is the founder of Stone Steps Financial in San Diego, where he works with his clients to understand what a fulfilling life looks like for them and guides them in designing a financial plan that can help make their dreams a reality!

Know what to do with what you have right now, as Scott Frank shares his expertise and knowledge on how to secure your financial future!


>> Utilizing your money wisely to achieve what you really matters to you

>> Scott’s definition on what the role of advisor is

>> Why people rarely think about the essentials of life?

>> Learning how to pause and give people the space to be heard

>> Scott’s financial planning process

>> How Scott guide and help his clients in the financial planning process

>> The importance of active listening and empathy

>> Why you need to act now


>> Real Personal Finance

>> Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman


Connect with Scott:

>> LinkedIn

>> Twitter @scott_r_frank

>> Stone Steps Financial

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