The celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month continues in today’s episode of Minority Money. Gender wage gap is a detriment to women’s ability to work and their productivity – even more so for Latina women.

In today’s episode, author and host of the podcast Her Dinero Matters Jen Hemphill sits down for a money talk. Particularly on how money matters to Latina women and how they can make the best of a poor situation. In her book “Her Money Matters”, Jen Hemphill discusses how issues of money in the past does not have to mold an individual’s current financial mindset. She also talks about ways one can break out of it.

She shares her experience growing up and how her parents moved from Columbia to the US in hopes of solving their money problems. She explains what inspired her to create a platform for Latina women to know how to handle money and how they can be confident in their own capabilities. She emphasizes the importance of having financial confidence and knowing your money story.

Take back your financial confidence and listen as Jen Hemphill gives a guide on how you can spend consciously to proudly celebrate your money wins!

Episode Highlights:

>> Jen’s podcast: Her Dinero Matters

>> The importance of handling money properly

>> What inspired “Her Dinero Matters”

>> Latina gender wage gap

>> The concept of anti-budgeters

>> How to consciously spend money

>> People’s money story in the past, present, and future

>> Jen’s book: Her Money Matters

>> What is a proper financial education and mindset

>> Hispanic Heritage Month and its meaning

>> Financial confidence, money strengths, and money wins

About Our Guest:

Jen Hemphill, AFC® is a military spouse & proud bilingual Latina, helps the busy career-oriented woman become the reina (queen) of her money and love her dinero more. She is a Money Confidence Coach, an AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor), author, speaker and hosts the Her Dinero Matters podcast.

The Her Dinero Matters podcast is focused on the advancement of U.S. Latinas to minimize the gender wage gap while creating a healthy, confident conversation around money.

She has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Clark Howard, USAA, Oprah Magazine and award-winning podcasts like SoMoney and Stacking Benjamins.

Jen is a FINRA Fellow and currently resides with her husband and two boys in Northern Virginia.

Connect with Jen:

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Resources mentioned from this episode:

>> Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

>> Her Money Matters

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