Our Hispanic Heritage Month celebration continues as Luis Rosa, CFP® EA, Founder of Build a Better Financial Future and host of the On My Way To Wealth Podcast of joins us to talk about what it’s like to live in the US as a Spanish Immigrant!

In this episode, Luis shares his journey to success as a Latino and how he found his calling. We also touch on the common misconceptions related to Hispanic culture, and the importance of empowering minorities with the right mindset so they can take charge of their finances.

Luis also talks about what it’s like to move to New York from Dominican Republic at the age of 11. He shares the struggles and quirks his family had throughout their time in the Heights.

Start walking the path towards a better financial future for yourself, family, and community as Luis shares his knowledge and expertise on holistic financial planning!

Episode Highlights:

>> Luis’ experience growing up as a Spanish immigrant

>> Luis shares his career journey

>> Misconceptions about Hispanic culture

>> Discussing financial planning with minorities

>> Mindset of empowerment for minorities

>> Prioritizing long-term finances

Connect with Luis:

>>Build A Better Financial Future

>>Instagram @luis_f_rosa

>>Twitter @luis_f_rosa



Resources mentioned from this episode:

>> Build A Better Financial Future

>> On My Way to Wealth podcast

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