In order to build wealth, you need equity. There are many ways to build equity, and equity compensation is one of them!

If your employer is giving you ownership shares as compensation for your good work then you’re on your way to accumulating wealth. As attractive as this sounds, what exactly is it?, how can it impact your financial plan? And how can it help change the complexion of wealth?

Join me in this episode, as I talk about wealth building through equity compensation with Malcolm Ethridge and Samuel Deane who are both amazing financial professionals that are making a positive impact in the black community!

Tune in as Malcolm and Samuel get into the nitty-gritty of what you need to know about equity compensation and how successful people like Jeff Bezos are utilizing it! They’ll also provide strategic ways to better your financial position!


>> What is equity compensation

>> How equity compensation can help change the complexion of wealth

>> What attracted Malcolm into the equity compensation space

>> Samuel talks about his experience cold calling people for a living

>> Malcolm and Samuel talks about how Jeff Bezos’ equity compensation works

>> Example of what an equity count is and how to calculate it

>> How you can build wealth through equity compensation

>> Tactics and ways that Malcolm uses to help his clients

>> Why equity compensation is similar to playing chess and not checkers

>> Samuel’s thoughts on generational wealth in the black community

>> Identifying the 3 things that you’re going to do next week to put yourself in a better financial position

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>> Malcolm Ethridge’s Social Media:




>> Malcolm Ethridge website

>> Manage Your Damn Money Podcast

>> Samuel Deanne’s Social Media:




>> Deane Financial

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