Mental health is a topic that many people shun away from. It’s never easy to tell someone about your mental health. It’s that inner demon that many battle with everyday. It is something that requires attention, time and gentle loving care.

Mental health isn’t a taboo subject. It’s something that needs to be spoken about and needs to be spoken now!

In this episode, I had the honor to interview Dr. Cortney Beasley, a doctor of Psychology, trained in Clinical and Forensic Psychology! We’re going to discuss mental health for minorities and unpack everything that is related to it.

Dr. Cortney is also the founder of Put In Black, a platform that aims to improve the access of health information with black communities and people of color.

She is committed to demystifying health and wellness practices by providing health practitioners, researchers, and artists with a platform to share their knowledge in relatable terms!


>> Mental health in black communities and people of color

>> What inspired Cortney to be a doctor and work in the clinical space

>> Human connection and healing

>> Why talking about mental health and mental illness is taboo

>> Money and mental health

>> Mental health for a black man

>> Why it’s important for health providers to recognize the difference

>> How someone can advocate for themselves

>> Food as medicine

>> The kind of information you can find on Put In Black

Resources mentioned from this episode:

>> Cortney Beasley’s Social Media:




>> Put In Black

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