COVID-19 bared its fangs not only on our economy but also on our relationships.

Dealing with our usual routines is already a handful for some and with COVID-19 added into the mix, it should come as no surprise when couples and families are struggling with keeping their relationships together. Dealing with it can make or break a relationship.

With many of us stuck inside our homes, managing stress can be quite a challenge. There are no distractions to help us cope with our problems.

How can we manage our relationships and stress so we don’t end up creating decisions we’ll regret later on?

Join me in this special episode as Dr. David Stewart returns to talk about the status of couples and kids during this COVID-19 pandemic with me and my lovely wife, Maricela.

Dave Stewart of Stewart Family Coaching is a psychotherapist and a life coach who’s on a mission to help you discover new life by identifying and replacing habitual thoughts and behaviors that keep you from living a happy life.

We’ll be digging deep on what’s keeping and breaking families and relationships together!


>> How COVID-19 is impacting families, kids, and relationships

>> Why is divorce rates are spiking up during COVID-19 lockdown

>> Adapting the ‘Transforming Mindset’

>> Why it’s important for people and families to go through the process of mindset transformation

>> Challenges in a marriage and why maturity is a big thing

>> The 3 filters to our reality

>> Recognizing that your filter is different from your partner’s filter

>> What is maturity in relation to marriage?

>> Taking your responsibility as a parent seriously

>> Training your kid’s egocentricity

>> The problem with lack of accountability and structure

>> Why your marriage is the most important relationship in the family

>> Discipline is not synonymous to punishment

>> Dave’s advice for couples and families to help them cope with this difficult time

>> Divorce ain’t the answer and it should never be the first option

>> Learn to seek help when you need to

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