Look closely at where you invest your money. What if we’re putting it in something that’s working against our values?

Are you okay with investing your money in a business or cause that continues to play a role in maintaining or perpetuating systemic racism?

We have the power to choose where we put our money.

Join me in this new episode of the We Need to Talk series with guest Rachel Robasciotti as we talk about race and finance!

Rachel Robasciotti, founder and CEO of Adasina Social Capital, an investment and financial activism firm which is owned and operated by a majority of women and people of color.

She is doing tremendous work in making the financial industry more diversified and inclusive!

Find out how you can invest in long-term, systemic change for people and the planet as Rachel and I go in depth on what happens when money meets social justice!


>> Race and finance

>> What is socially responsible investing?

>> Why queer is a more inclusive term for the LGBTQ community

>> What inspired Rachel to start race and finance blog and why it’s important

>> A brief history about the stock market and Wall Street

>> Rachel explains Adasina’s investment strategy

>>Rachel shares her thoughts on social justice investing

>> What if we are investing in a business that is working against our values?

>> How can you make change and impact communities in a positive way?

>> What our social justice movements telling us to focus on

>> 3 questions you should ask your advisor


>> Rachel Robasciotti’s Social Media




>> Adasina Social Capital




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