We’re going to start a new program this coming 2021!

To ardently change the complexion of wealth, we’re offering internships to aspiring Black and Latin students, as well as career shifters!

Join me in this episode as I share some exciting announcements with 3 of my co-founders at BLX Internship – Shawn Tydlaska, Luis Rosa, and Chloe Moore. These three amazing people are killing it in their own financial firms!

We’ll talk about this new internship program, what inspired us to start it, what interns can expect from it, and how can it help change the complexion of wealth!


>> The inspiration behind the black internship program

>> What is this new internship program all about?

>> What to expect from the internship program?

>> How to apply and what interns can gain from the internship?

Resources mentioned from this episode:

>> BLX Internship

>> Shawn Tydlaska’s Social Media:



Ballast Point Financial Planning

>> Chloé Moore’s Social Media:




Financial Staples

>> Luis Rosa’s Social Media:




Build A Better Financial Future

Additional Resources for this episode:

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>> The hidden links between slavery and Wall Street

>> ‘I just pray God will help me’: Racial, ethnic minorities reel from higher covid-19 death rates

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