Best of 2020 Mashup!

This year’s been fun, crazy, and interesting. But before we close the final chapter of 2020, it’s time to look back on some of this year’s best episodes!

Join me in this special solo episode as I bring you a mashup of the best of 2020! I’m also excited to share some of the great stuff planned for you in 2021. I hope you enjoy today’s episode and thanks again for hanging out with us for the year 2020!


>> We Need to Talk Series

>> How living intentionally unleashes your full potential

>> Why health is critically important in retirement planning

>> How COVID-19 is affecting our relationships and what can do to manage it

>> Financial planning is personal

>> Getting out of poverty and creating wealth

Episodes mentioned:

>> We need to talk… about racism, empathy, George Floyd, and being Black in America

>> Unleash Your Full Potential by Living Intentionally

>> Why health is important in retirement planning

>> How COVID-19 is Affecting Our Relationships and How to Manage it Right

>> Leaving a Legacy of Financial Literacy

>> Financial Planning is Personal and You should Start Now!

>> Getting out of Poverty & Creating Wealth

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