Do you think that enjoying a cup of latte will make you poor?

While it is true that you and I should be wise about spending our money, skipping your morning cappuccino or café latte will not make you a millionaire. And spending on one or two cups of caffeine boost will break your wallet.

However, you do want to get your finances right and accomplish your goals. How then can you improve your financial situation this year without sacrificing those little joys?

Join me in this year’s first solo episode as I tell you why you need to stop guilt-tripping yourself already and just buy the damn coffee!


>> Why buying a coffee will not make you poor

>> Why skipping your café latte will not make you a millionaire

>> Conscious spending

>> What’s keeping you from achieving financial success?

>> Spending plan vs. tracking your money

>> Automation, the most freeing thing you can do with your finances

>> What it means to pay yourself first

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