It’s hard to be rational when your financial life is a mess. It affects all aspects of your life.

Sometimes you fail to meet your financial goals and it’s hard… hard when you don’t have anyone to share or turn to regarding your money concerns.

Today’s episode is all about helping you cope with your financial anxiety and shame around money.

Join me in this episode as I talk to Mind Money Balance Podcast host, Lindsay Bryan-Podvin! Lindsay is a Financial Therapist on a mission to help people get their minds and money in balance through shame-free financial psychology!

Lindsay and I are going to discuss the keys of the successful money journey as well as how you can overcome shame around money, open up and bring in others into the money conversation, and how to deal with your financial anxieties!


>> How to overcome money shame

>> What’s preventing you from engaging with your money and healthy money talks

>> Dealing with financial anxiety

>> The 4 Financial Archetypes

>> 2 Categories of people when it comes to money

>> Money and relationships

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>> Instagram @mindmoneybalance

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