Back when I was working in the bank, I knew I wanted to become a financial advisor.

People needed more than investments, they need guidance and information, in a way that they can receive it.

Iknew what I wanted to do, I came into the industry to be a financial advisor to help people and to make an impact in their lives!

Join me in this solo episode, as I share my truth, my story, how I got into the industry, and what exactly I had to go through.

The journey wasn’t easy but it was definitely worth it! If you find yourself in a difficult situation right now, be it financially or something to do with your health or whatever that is, I hope my story encourages you to find your resolve.

Keep fighting and keep going, ’cause I am definitely living my dream now!


>> What happened after I left my job in the bank

>> How I became a Financial Advisor

>> Starting Gen Next Wealth

>> The beginning of Minority Money Podcast

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