Black History Month ain’t over yet ‘cause in this episode, we’re extending it!

Join me in this episode as interview the awesome Hope Newsome!

Hope is a Corporate and Financial Services Attorney. She counsels broker-dealers, investment advisers, investment managers, private equity, and founders.

She talks about the critical importance of building relationships as one of the foundations of her career and how setting up boundaries added more value to her life.

Make sure you listen to our conversation as Hope talks about how she started her very own boutique law firm and how she is helping others build their dreams through her business!


>> How Hope started her own boutique law firm

>> What it’s like being a black female attorney

>> The critical importance of building relationships

>> Drive your business that rides your business

>> Knowing when to seek help and advice from the pros to help grow your business

>> Why setting boundaries is important?

>> How boundaries helped and added value in Hope’s life

>> Understanding what your rhythm is

>> Digging into the details

Connect with Hope:

>> LinkedIn

>> Twitter

>>Virtus LLP

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