Join me in this episode for another wonderful conversation about financial literacy with returning guest, my brother, Dasarte!

Dasarte Yarnway is the host of the Young Money Podcast and the Founder of Berknell Financial Group.

If you feel like you’re stagnant or just want to do something different to get to the next level then this episode is definitely for you!

Listen on as Dasarte shares his wisdom and expertise on money and why transitioning your mindset from scarcity to abundance, is a must-requirement for success!

Dasarte will also share some stories he’s rarely shared before so make sure you listen through the end!


>> How being a child of an immigrant propelled Dasarte on his journey to success?

>> Dasarte talks about money and his relationship/experience with it growing up

>> How Dasarte shifted his mindset from scarcity to abundance

>> Making everything count ‘cause time is your most valuable resource

>> Dasarte shares his experience, going to college, getting hired for his first job and entering corporate America

>> The best decision Dasarte made

>> The genealogy of greatness

>> How to get to the next level?

Connect with Dasarte Yarnway:

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>> Instagram @dasarteyarnway

>> Young Money Podcast with Dasarte Yarnway

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