To build a brighter future, we need to also invest in women. Investing in women and other underrepresented groups, helps our society, allows a wider knowledge base, and spurs innovation.

In this episode, Patience, the Founder, and CEO at Women of the World Endowment, a global endowment focused on gender lens investing, joins the show to talk about why we should invest in women!

Patience has greatly contributed to the development of the gender lens investing industry. Learn how Patience and WoWE is disrupting the gender landscape as Patience talks about the realization of gender parity through the power of capital


>> What inspired Patience’s passion for investing in women

>> Being more intentional about directing capital towards these changemakers (women and underrepresented groups)

>> Different ways companies and organizations are helping women

>> Why do people need to stop thinking of investing in women and underrepresented groups as something separate?

>> How you can advocate for women

Connect with Patience:

>> LinkedIn

>> Women of the World Endowment

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