Simply having a mission statement is not enough to create a purposeful and profitable business. What exactly does it take to build a business that is mission-driven?

Learn how to create a profitable business with impact as Brian Thompson, a CFP, Tax Attorney, and the owner of BT Financial, a firm that specializes in comprehensive financial and business planning for LGBTQ entrepreneurs, shares his knowledge and expertise with us!

Listen in as Brian will talk about how he started his business, what inspired him, how he found his niche, and how his business is helping minorities and the LGBTQ community thrive!


>> How Brian started his business? How did he find his niche and purpose?

>> What does it mean to be called a “Mission-Driven” business?

>> Why Brian shifted from doing the attorney to doing financial planning

>> Why follow your passion?

>> How Brian helps entrepreneurs get to that spot, where their business is both impactful and profitable

>> Brian shares the challenges he experienced as a minority and part of the LGBTQ community

>> The importance of knowing yourself

Connect with Brian:

>> LinkedIn

>> BT Financial

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