No one ever says running a business is easy, and there’s always bound to be challenges and obstacles ahead no matter how much you prepare.

But, one really great way to help with these problems is if you have hard-working employees, and top-notch inclusive company culture.

For this episode, I’ve invited my really good friends Alex and Rosa Chalekian, a happily married couple who run a successful firm together. Today they’ll be sharing with us the importance of proper team dynamics, the challenges they’ve faced while running their own firm, and just how they built up this amazing team culture.

If you’re looking to get a better understanding of how team dynamics and relationships can affect you, then be sure to tune into this episode!


>> Alex and Rosa’s background

>> The dynamics of working with your significant other

>> Challenges Alex and Rosa faced running their firm

>> Hiring the right person and treating them right

>> Work culture

>> Other business ventures of the Chalekian’s

>> How Alex and Rosa expanded their firm

>> Alex and Rosa’s words of encouragement

Connect with Alex






Connect with Rosa




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