Finance and fitness, two topics that seem to be at the very opposite sides of each spectrum, but maybe there are actually more similarities between the two than we initially think.

Today I want to introduce you all to Jess Bost, an entrepreneur who was able to combine her passion for fitness with a bullish financial career. Originally a crossfit coach, Jess started her journey in finance with the idea of helping people grow into who they want to be, both in terms of fitness and monetary means.

So tune in and listen to this week’s episode as Jess shares with us how she has combined these two into one, as well as give some words of wisdom in taking that leap of faith, just like she did when she transitioned from finance to fitness.


>> Jess’s background

>> How Jess’s fitness background translated into what she’s doing now in finance

>> How Jess pushes people to take that leap of faith

>> Jess explains financial fitness

>> Jess explains financial literacy

>> Financial planning for people in recovery

>> Jess’s motivation

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