The first thought that comes to mind when people hear the word “finance” is usually money, how to take care of your money or even how to make more money, but our guest today, Michael Policar, has a different outlook when it comes to this.

Michael runs both NGP Financial Planning and the podcast, “Go Out And Live”, in fact the acronym for this is actually GOAL. This is the basis for everything Michael does as a financial advisor, he wants his clients to reach their goals. A client doesn’t have financial goals for the sake of accomplishing financial things, rather their goals are focused on the things they want to do in life.

So if you’re feeling stuck right now and want to know how finance is more than just about money and how to really get out there to start living your best life, then tune in to this week’s episode!


>> Background on Michael’s new show

>> How Michael started his new firm

>> How Michael helps his clients

>> The thing that impacted Michael the most in his work

>> Michaels advice for people who want to become financial advisors

>> How Michael felt when he made the change from employee to business owner

>> Michael’s advice for you

Connect with Michael

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