Becoming a morning person is not necessarily just about waking up early and getting your work done first thing in the morning, rather it is a story about change and transformation.

When you try to make a change in your behavior, it also changes who you are as a person. No one understands this better than my guest for this week’s episode, Nyle Bayer. After experiencing burnout from his work, he came to the realization that in order for him to make a change in his life, he had to start taking care of himself more and develop a program that will help him reach his true potential.

Join me and Nyle in this week’s episode as we share valuable tips on how you too can start making changes in your life for the better and show you what it really means to become a morning person.


>> What it really means to become a morning person

>> The reason why Nyle became a morning person

>> What Nyle learned from working the graveyard shift

>> Nyle’s big realization

>> How developing habits can change your life

>> The things Nyle learned from the book “Atomic Habits”

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