Hello and welcome back to the Minority Money Podcast, as promised from last week’s episode, we are now starting our financial planning series and have also brought in some special guests to give you a better understanding on how each of these steps work.

For this week’s episode, I have invited Luis Rosa, my partner in the BLX program and a certified financial planner. We’ll be discussing how to deal with your finances based on your circumstance and many more so make sure not to miss out on this first part of the series!!


>> Luis’s process when it comes to dealing with clients

>> How Luis deals with the family circumstance of the client

>> What Luis does with the new information his clients haven’t seen

>> Luis’s final words of advice

Connect with Luis

>> Website (https://bit.ly/2Z9oT51)

>> Twitter (https://bit.ly/393GHQs)

>> Instagram (https://bit.ly/2VEpH00)

>> LinkedIn (https://bit.ly/2XbPUn9)

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