Here at the minority money podcast, I really wanted to highlight that we minorities have a place in the financial planning landscape, and Rita Cheng, my guest for today, believes deeply in this as well. No matter your ethnicity or gender, she believes that we are all capable of achieving financial wellness and resilience.

Join me and Rita, certified financial planner and founder of Blue Ocean Global Wealth, as we discuss diversity in the financial planning industry, and what we can do to encourage it. Being that of mixed-race background, Rita knows firsthand what it’s like to stand out in this industry as both a woman, a mother, and a minority. Her goal is to grow the financial planning industry into an inclusive one that welcomes new and diverse people.

I hope you enjoyed this last installment of my Financial Planning series! If you’re a person interested in inspiring these kinds of changes to our society, please make sure to check out this week’s episode and gain some new insights about how we can inspire change.


>> Rita’s background

>> Why Rita is passionate about diversity and financial planning

>> Changes that in the financial industry that excites Rita

>> Profession versus industry

>> Rita’s opinion on financial advisors starting their own firms

>> Rita’s motivation

>> How Rita’s family supports her on her journey

>> Rita’s advice for you

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