Welcome to the first Minority Money episode for Women’s History Month! While the fight for equality has made bounds and milestones in our society, women; especially women of color, are still fighting for their space in many aspects of said society.

In this episode, I’m joined by Sonya Dreizler and Liv Gagnon, some of the most driven people I’ve met in my life. Striving to empower women and people of color, these two are co-founders of Choir, a new firm that aims to certify and verify that conferences are truly diverse beyond the surface level.

To kick-off this month of March, they’ll be sharing with us their journey leading up to launching Choir, and their firsthand experience with the deeper issues of diversity in corporations and the under-representation in conferences.

Join us in this episode as we dive into how you can get involved and be part of the solution for women all over the world!


>> How Sonya and Liv met

>> The Creation of Choir

>> What Sonya and Liv see coming up for Choir

>> How you can get involved

>> What inspire and motivate Sonya and Liv

>> Advice from Sonya and Liv

Connect with Sonya & Liv

>> Choir Website | www.hellochoir.com

>> Twitter | Sonya | @SonyaDreizler

>> Twitter | Liv | @LIVgagnon

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