For a lot of minority business owners, building wealth is much more than just the glitters and gold of the entrepreneur title. Business profit can mean the difference between going hungry and keeping your family fed. As an advocate for financial education, I really wanted to bring someone onto the show that can showcase how a different system of cash management can improve the family business profit over time.

In this episode, I’m joined by Susanne Mariga, a CPA with a passion to put an end to entrepreneurial poverty and improve minority family legacies. With over two decades of experience, Susanne has practiced and perfected the Profit First cash management system which has lifted thousands of entrepreneurs from struggle to success.

So if you’ve been struggling and can’t seem to strike a balance with your cash management, Susanne definitely has something for you to try out!


>> Profitable Minority Money

>> Paying for Profit First

>> Strategies to Increase Business Profit

>> How Accounting Helps Profitability

>> What Inspires Susanne to Grow, Learn, and Lead

Connect with Susanne:

>> Website |

>> Book | Profit First for Minority Business Enterprises

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