There are many iterations of the immigrant story of coming to America with a limited amount of money– or if any at all. Growing up with parents that had to go through this can leave deep impressions on younger generations– where money is scarce and it must be saved. While saving and budgeting is a great way to future-proof, it might not be the best way to make that money work for itself; which is why financial education is so important.

For this episode, I’ve invited over Anjali Jariwala, a career changer that started in tech but quickly grew tired of the 80-hour workweek. After transitioning to financial planning, working up the ranks, then ultimately leaving to start her own firm, Anjali found her passion in helping minorities, immigrants, children of immigrants, and young couples with families trying to build wealth.

If you think you’re bad with money, there might be more to it than just bad planning!


>> The impact of money

>> How culture affects our behavior with money

>> Bridging the gap between business and personal finance

>> How we can teach children about money

Connect with Anjali:

>> Website |

>> Twitter | @AnjaliFIT

>> Podcast | Money Checkup

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