Adult entertainment is one of the oldest industries in history. Whether we recognize it as a part of society or not, it exists, and so do the sex workers who earn income through this. Being in this profession raises stigma, discrimination, and disrespect. And this is why there are very few who cater to their financial planning needs.

In this episode, we go back to California and its stigmatized ecosystem, with Lindsey Swanson who made it her mission to create an incredible financial support system specifically for sex workers. As the CEO of Stripper Financial Planning, Lindsey offers quality financial advice while protecting her client’s dignity and rights at the same time.

Discover how really seeing the people in the adult entertainment industry can inspire your financial savvy and also broaden your perspective.


>> Lindsey shares how she found her niche

>> Stigma faced while working with sex workers

>> Discrimination sex workers face in society

>> Working on finances and passion at the same time

>> Embracing failures and overcoming gender discrimination

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