As children, we’ve seen our parents struggle financially and become chained to debt. Fast-forward to the present, we’ve grown into people who desire the opposite; to become financially stable and independent.

My guest for today was able to do exactly just that! I am joined by Real Estate Investor and Financial Independence Coach, Antoinette Munroe. At just 36 years old, she was able to achieve her retirement goal!

In this episode, Antoinette shares her journey of pursuit towards financial independence. She talks about how Real Estate Investment became the fuel for her financial freedom journey. We also talked about Budget ABC’s, House Hacking, Travel Hacking, and more.

We’d love to help you on your journey, too! Join us in this episode.


>> The Beginning of the Pursuit

>> Discovering Real Estate Investment

>> Budget ABC’s: A fresh take on a balanced budget

>> Understanding your Cash Flow

>> House Hacking: Eliminating your biggest expense to accelerate your path to financial independence

>> Your Short-Term and Long-Term Plan

>> Travel Hacking: Low to no cost strategies for lifestyle enhancement

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