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Building Generational Family Wealth with Mitch Brooks - The hard work we put in today are all for the same dream that one day, our children, the next generation, will live a life far better off than where we stand today. In order to get to that future vision, we have to focus on our present direction.In this episode I am joined by Angel Investor and General Partner of High Street Equity Partners, Mitch Brooks. We will talk about closing the equity gap and building family wealth for… Continue Reading
REAL Financial Planning with Carl Richards, CFP® - What is your Why?In school, we are taught that math is all about numbers. Would you believe that it's also… Continue Reading
Stripper Financial Planning with Lindsey Swanson, CFP® - Adult entertainment is one of the oldest industries in history. Whether we recognize it as a part of society or… Continue Reading
Forging Your Personal Financial Journey with Anthony J. Zhang - Welcome back to another episode of the Minority Money Podcast! There comes a time in everyone’s lives when you need… Continue Reading
We Need to Talk… About Wealth For All Families - Welcome back to another episode of the Minority Money Podcast! Usually, it’d just be me and another guest– but for… Continue Reading
Emlen & Dasarte Going Independent - Just as we’re celebrating our independence as a nation– maybe it’s also time for you to consider becoming an independent… Continue Reading
Aligning Values and Investments with Laura LaTourette, CFP and Ramona Maior, CFP - Welcome back to the Minority Money Podcast! Continuing our celebration of Pride Month, I’ve invited over Laura LaTourette and Ramona… Continue Reading
Happy Juneteenth and Father’s Day 2022! - On the Minority Money Podcast, we talk a lot about equality and representation and why they’re such an important factor… Continue Reading
Real Estate with Intention and Community with Alex Salazar - Buying a home is one of the most stressful choices that we can go through. Many of us usually ask… Continue Reading
From Broke to Badass with Cally Ingebritson - A lot of people have very heavy emotions around money - from anxiety about their financial state to shame from… Continue Reading
Some Life and Business Updates with Maricela Miles-Mattingly - After just launching our business, moving to a new house, traveling by plane to Chiacago, and recently celebrating our son’s… Continue Reading
The Impact of Money with Anjali Jariwala - There are many iterations of the immigrant story of coming to America with a limited amount of money– or if… Continue Reading
Overwhelming Gratitude, Updates, and Mother’s Day Thoughts - Join me in this solo episode where I’ll be sharing my overwhelming gratitude for what God has done in our… Continue Reading