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Planning Your Life & Finances – a 2022 Mashup! - We’re about to enter the 4th quarter of 2022! How have you been doing so far? We have curated some of the episode highlights from the earlier part of the year. These episodes are foundational in planning and building towards a life of wealth for you and your family.Take a look back on these episodes and let’s finish the year strong! Enjoy this episode!Links to the full episodes and show notes:Life Planning: Looking Beyond Finances with George Kinder’ve talked… Continue Reading
Successful Career Shifting in your 40’s with Tamara White Hutchinson - It doesn't matter how old you are, if you want to make a change and uplevel your skills, you can… Continue Reading
Keeping Up & Taking Advantage of the Economic Inflation with Maricela Miles-Mattingly - For the first time ever, we have a global pandemic that shut the world down. This fueled the annual economic… Continue Reading
Advancing Financial Technology Through Equal Representation with Nicole Casperson - So much has been said about equality of representation and its influence, not just within the financial technology industry, but… Continue Reading
In Pursuit of Financial Freedom with Antoinette Munroe - As children, we’ve seen our parents struggle financially and become chained to debt. Fast-forward to the present, we’ve grown into… Continue Reading
Own Your Home and Grow Your Mental Wealth with Carlese Laurent - From account executive to radio intern to furniture and limousine dealer, Carlese Laurent believed his resume was akin to a… Continue Reading
Building Generational Family Wealth with Mitch Brooks - The hard work we put in today are all for the same dream that one day, our children, the next… Continue Reading
REAL Financial Planning with Carl Richards, CFP® - What is your Why?In school, we are taught that math is all about numbers. Would you believe that it's also… Continue Reading
Stripper Financial Planning with Lindsey Swanson, CFP® - Adult entertainment is one of the oldest industries in history. Whether we recognize it as a part of society or… Continue Reading
Forging Your Personal Financial Journey with Anthony J. Zhang - Welcome back to another episode of the Minority Money Podcast! There comes a time in everyone’s lives when you need… Continue Reading
We Need to Talk… About Wealth For All Families - Welcome back to another episode of the Minority Money Podcast! Usually, it’d just be me and another guest– but for… Continue Reading
Emlen & Dasarte Going Independent - Just as we’re celebrating our independence as a nation– maybe it’s also time for you to consider becoming an independent… Continue Reading
Aligning Values and Investments with Laura LaTourette, CFP and Ramona Maior, CFP - Welcome back to the Minority Money Podcast! Continuing our celebration of Pride Month, I’ve invited over Laura LaTourette and Ramona… Continue Reading