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The Impact of Money with Anjali Jariwala - There are many iterations of the immigrant story of coming to America with a limited amount of money– or if any at all. Growing up with parents that had to go through this can leave deep impressions on younger generations– where money is scarce and it must be saved. While saving and budgeting is a great way to future-proof, it might not be the best way to make that money work for itself; which is why financial education is so… Continue Reading
Overwhelming Gratitude, Updates, and Mother’s Day Thoughts - Join me in this solo episode where I’ll be sharing my overwhelming gratitude for what God has done in our… Continue Reading
Behavioral Finance: How We Think About Money with Brian Portnoy - With behavioral finance only formally discovered as early as 50 years ago, there’s been almost a lack of conversation around… Continue Reading
Building a Financial Planning Firm with Valerie Rivera - Growing up, we often looked up to those that have achieved what we aspire to be– but for minorities, it… Continue Reading
Transforming Human Capital with Lazetta Braxton - While a lot of companies talk the talk, only a handful ever walk the walk and stand by their promises… Continue Reading
Paying Profits First with CPA Susanne Mariga - For a lot of minority business owners, building wealth is much more than just the glitters and gold of the… Continue Reading
Life Planning with George Kinder - We’ve talked so much about financial planning on this podcast, but there’s a much bigger picture we also need to… Continue Reading
All The Colors: Changing the Complexion of Wealth with Diana G. Yanez - Financial literacy is not something that comes easy for a lot of people– oftentimes people are ashamed and shy away… Continue Reading
Financial Planning and the Racial Wealth Gap with Dr. Miranda Reiter, Ph.D. - For a long time, gender and racial equality stood far from ever being recognized and addressed. It’s only in recent… Continue Reading
Breaking Glass Ceilings in Finance with Rosa Chalekian and Mari Miles-Mattingly - Welcome to the second episode of the Minority Money Podcast for Women’s History Month! This episode will be guest-hosted by… Continue Reading
Kicking off Women’s History Month with Sonya Dreizler and Liv Gagnon - Welcome to the first Minority Money episode for Women’s History Month! While the fight for equality has made bounds and… Continue Reading
Final takes on Black History Month with Maricela Miles-Mattingly - Welcome to the conclusion of the Black History Month celebration but that doesn't mean you should stop studying or celebrating… Continue Reading
The Story of Nathan “Nearest” Green - Most of you may have never heard of Nathan “Nearest” Green but his story is a true American story and… Continue Reading