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Health and Fitness Perspectives: Meditation as a Journey

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We are continuing to focus on the creation of wealth for our health. I met Candice Carlton, who is a marketing and communication coach, when she did some work for us. She’s one of the people who was instrumental in me launching my podcast and blog.

However, she is also interested in meditation, which has huge benefits for many people (including me). I sat down with Candice to talk about the gains that meditation can bring into your life.

She brings the three parts of her life together and points out that marketing, communication, and meditation are all about connection.

That’s why we’re here... to connect you to the right health and fitness-related information, so you can enjoy your journey to financial independence!

Meet Candice

She’s originally from Zimbabwe.

However, Candice went to school in Cape Town, South Africa. You might be able to catch a hint of an accent if you listen close enough!

She’s worked in financial services during her career. She’ll tell you that she’s held almost every job in the financial firm. She almost became a planner. In fact, she was in the Certified Financial Planner program.

However, she was very unhappy... but she kept ignoring those feelings and an inner whisper.

She didn’t know how to make the change into something else because her whole education and career were leaning toward financial services.

She said when people ignore that internal whisper, then things start to fall apart. It affects your health and fitness.

In her case, she’ll tell you that she started having panic attacks, unmanageable anxiety, and insomnia in the middle of the night.

It forced her to look closely at her life and ask questions:

  • Who am I?

  • What am I meant for?

Candice realized her life was based on external standards. She had a conditioned idea of what success and happiness were about.

However, meditation is the tool that helped her discover the truth.

Candice reports that she eventually found her calling in marketing and communications. She likes helping people find their authentic voice and likes working with those who are looking to change some aspects of their life.

That was her truth.

In fact, facing her truth is what led her to help me decide on the podcast name. I was really struggling to find a name for the podcast and blog.

Candice said, “This is who you're trying to help, so call it what it is”...which lead us to the name Minority Money. we are!

Your Heart Speaks

What is your special gift?

Candice believes that each of us has a gift or calling inside of us. Meditation helps individuals listen to that inner voice. It has a positive impact on health and fitness.

That voice will help us live a more fulfilled, purposeful, and joyful life. It's our hearts speaking.

Meditation was instrumental for Candice finding her true calling. She also believes that the practice of meditation can help other people find work that truly makes them happy.

It was after I started to meditate daily when I met Candice.

In fact, last year, I meditated a total of 324 days. That’s why I wanted to write about finding your inner peace with meditation.

That begs the question, “Why do people come to meditation?”

Before and After

Why should you consider meditation?

Candice said that people try it because they are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. In other words, they’re suffering.

Or it could be to improve their performance. The word is leaking out about what a game-changer meditation can be.

It’s interesting to ask individuals about their life before meditation and how their life has changed since starting meditation.

After all, it’s really a tool that helps you listen to your inner guidance system.

What happens when we stop listening to that system and we get out of alignment?

We feel stressed and anxious. We might even develop an illness if we ignore ourselves too long.

Candice points out that meditation is a tool to realign you with your innate truth.

Meditation & Me

Why did I start to meditate?

For me, it all started with a podcast.

The host was talking about meditation. I realized that I didn’t know anything about meditation. That sent me on a Googling fit.

Headspace popped up.

I didn't really have a reason why I wanted to try it, but I decided to give it a go. Then something surprising happened: the practice made me more mindful.

For example, I pay attention to what I'm eating and what I'm putting into my body. I notice how it affects me (or doesn't affect me).

I'm able to pay attention to what my body is telling me.

Now, I’m on a mission to be mindful!

Inner Connections

Does meditation make you more in touch with how you feel?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that I’m more connected to the messages that my body and soul are sending me--and I stop to listen.

Here’s a snapshot of what might happen when I’m having a crazy day or I need to ground myself. I'll sit down on the floor and just meditate for 10-15 minutes.

It brings everything back into focus.

Do you meditate? How has it impacted your health and your life? Share it in the comments!

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