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The Inspired Road To Health And Fitness!

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Are you on the road to health and fitness with us?

We want to inspire you during the entire month of January. I am interviewing professional guests to help motivate you, so you can reach your own next level.

Our hope is their stories and tips will encourage you to improve your health and fitness levels right now--without delay!

I recently had Samuel Akoidu of Iron Bird Fitness on my podcast regarding his path to health and fitness. Let me tell you a little bit about his background.

The Back Story

What happens when you aren’t sure what you want to do with your life, then a stranger makes a life-changing suggestion?

It’s a common enough story. However, for Samuel, it has had an uncommon end!

He said ten years ago a trainer saw him working out and suggested that he would make a great trainer.

The recommendation was made at just the right time.

Because Samuel was working for a degree in business and communication, but he didn't know what he really wanted to do.

It was during a stint in jail that he decided to make a commitment to fitness.

It started as an effort to get himself into a better space mentally, physically, and spiritually. He decided that in that new space, he could be successful for himself and his family, and so they became his focus.

He told me the distractions were stripped away. He stated, “I started to grow even though I was locked up.”

He began by focusing on his internal state... and the other detainees took notice. One of them even asked Samuel to train him. Samuel agreed to the task but told the guy he wouldn’t babysit.

It seems Samuel had five rules for himself, and he required his new trainee to follow them, too!

But before we get into those five rules…

A Black Man Does Yoga

How did I meet Samuel?

I was looking for another guest in the health and fitness arena to be on the show.

Specifically, I was looking for someone who practiced yoga, which has the stigma of being for women, but the company I contacted had Samuel.

The question is: how did a black man get into yoga?

Samuel has scoliosis and needed a way to loosen up his body. About seven years ago, one of his clients suggested he try yoga. He had to give himself a pep talk before going into the yoga studio for the first time.

Samuel was usually the only male--and the only black dude in a class of females.

In the beginning, he couldn't even sit cross-legged and would break a sweat just doing basic moves.

The tightness in your body also reflects the tightness in your spirit. - Samuel Akoidu

Samuel says yoga is like life: you’ve got to work through every single level. Yoga is known for its health and fitness benefits.

All your worries and stressors fall away.

Samuel says, “It’s all about being in the present moment, nothing is bigger than that moment that you've got all your hands and feet down, and you're engaging your core, and just focusing on your breath.”

The Five Rules

What sparked Samuel’s five rules?

He was at a low point and trying to change his life. He said that it was a time when nobody believed in him--and he doubted himself.

During this time, he started making changes and came up with the five rules.

1. Have The Action And Habit

Are you all talk?

You might want to rethink that habit.

According to Samuel, if you aren’t willing to take any action to move your goal forward, you’re just talking. A simple step in the right direction is writing your goal or idea down.

He said having the action and habit comes straight out of the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which he recommends.

What action steps are you willing to take?

2. How We Speak Is How We Live

What are you saying about yourself?

He said if you're going to say something about yourself.. .make it something positive!

When Samuel is training people, he makes sure they follow that rule. He said you can’t say you suck and be amazing at the same time. His training space is a negative self-talk free zone.

Choose positive self-talk and be amazing!

3. Dreams & Goals

Are you posting everything online? That is putting your dreams and goals in everyone’s hands?

Another rule is your dreams and goals should be treated like they are your kids.

He said in our society everything is posted on social media, which is inviting negative energy to what you care about the most.

You don’t want to limit yourself by talking about your goals and dreams to people who see you or your ideas in limited ways. They’ll downgrade them--causing you confusion and doubt.

The opposite occurs when you speak to someone who believes in you and your ideas.

He encourages people to reach out to a mentor. That is someone who can help you put a plan together.

Samuel firmly believes that who you share your dreams with is a very big deal.

4. Moving Forward

Are you someone who picks yourself up and moves forward?

Then you are ready to tackle rule number four. It can be said that “failing” is a part of the process.

However, Samuel believes there is really no such thing as failure. He said it’s more like perfecting what you’re working on.

He compares it to working out because every time you pick yourself off the ground, you get stronger. After all, you’re using your muscles to pick yourself back up.

Whether it’s about your dreams and goals or health and fitness, it's literally about continually moving forward!

5. Fighting Like Your Life Depends On It

Do you believe your dreams and goals will change your life?

They will if you approach them with the same energy! Samuel compares it to training his clients. Their success depends on what level of energy they put toward the goal.

He states that even those who don’t have a lot of knowledge can succeed. Putting the right amount of energy forward will put you in the right place.

How much energy are you directing to your health and fitness goals?

Have our January blogs inspired you to reach for health and fitness?

Tell us about your goals below. Leave a comment!

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